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Allianz Mobilku comprehensive car insurance

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Car insurance

Allianz comprehensive car insurance are not complicated, and a lot of protection options.
Allianz MobilKu also provides 3 comprehensive packages that can customize your needs:

- Allianz Mobilku Grand
Your vehicle protection solution with the most complete and not complicated

- Allianz Mobilku Eco
Your vehicle protection solution that economical and suited to your needs

- Allianz Mobilku Non Package
Your vehicle protection solution as your choice and desire

The most future cover is Allianz Mobilku provides your vehicle protection from Act of Good, riot and sabotage, medical protection against driver and passengers, third party liability and also protection of personal belongings.

Allianz car insurance also provides cover for vehicles aged over 10 years with Total Loss Only plan

Total Loss Only Car insurance (TLO)

Total Loss Only (TLO) is a term known in vehicle insurance. The risk cover is not just loss of vehicle due to criminal action but also damage. However, the damage by accident covered in this TLO insurance is at least 75 percent.

The 75 percent damage was used as a reference because the vehicle was in a state of severe damage that could no longer be used. Vehicle is not able to function even though true vehicle still exist

Allianz provide extention cover for TLO such us , third party liability, terorism and sabotage, riot, medical expenses, flood, earthquake and other with additional premim.

up to IDR 552.000,-
Car Price up to IDR 100.000.000,-
Insurance periode 365 days
Deductible IDR 300.000
Extention cover Availavle with additional premium


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Allianz Bali Insurance Consultant
Agus Dharma

Jl. Tantular Barat 11X Renon
Denpasar Bali-Indonesia

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