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2 years ago · by · 3 comments

Villa insurance Allianz with comprehensive cover

Villa Insurance Allianz

Villa insurance Allianz

Villa insurance Allianz with comprehensive cover are very important for villa owner, rented villa, or private house.

This comprehensive Allianz cover will give you most complete cover and flexibility plan to choose. We have 5 plan that can be selected according to the needs of the villa insurance, including:

  • Basic Coverage (FLEXAS)

Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Falling Down Air Craft

  • Additional Coverage FLOOD

Flood, Windstorm, Tempest, and Water Damage

  • Additional Coverage EQVET

Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami

  • Additional Coverage RSMDCC

Riots, Strike, Malicious Damage, and Civil Commotion

  • Additional Coverage OTHERS

Landslide and Subsidence, Removal of Debris, Burglary, Others

Villa Insurance Allianz Interest Insured


The building (incl. Foundations) on the described premises including :

  • Landlord’s, fixtures and fittings
  • Fire and security protection installations
  • The telephone, gas, water, and electric instruments, meters, piping, cabling, and the like and accessories thereof including similar property in adjoining yards or roadways or underground (to the building or buildings or contents insured by the respective items of this specification) all the property of the insured or of supplier or others for which the insured is responsible (all to be within the insured’s premises).
  • Plumbing, ventilation and installation, light standards, flag poles, awnings, signs, doors and windows, display, cabinets and similar structure of whatsoever description.
  • Site improvements scaled areas, car parks, paths and the like which partly or wholly serves to supply the described premises.
  • Walls, gates, and fences around and pertaining to the described premises
  • The decoration on the described premises including all other interior and exterior (including fixtures and fittings) and display of whatsoever description.



Machinery plant, equipment and all other mechanical tools, electrical and electronic equipment including air conditioning system, moveable equipment, supporting and protective structure but not but not limited to lightning system, fire fighting equipment, compressor, generator set and all other accessories attached thereto, which all contained within the premises and owned by the insured and rented or held in trust and for which the insured are responsible except as hereinafter excluded.


Villa equipment, decoration and other interior fixtures and fittings, computers and other equipments including but not limited to furniture, filling cabinets, electronic and non electronic typewriter, telephone, telex, and facsimile machinery, PABX, TV, Video, Laser Disc Player, Sound System  and all other accessories attached thereto as the property of the insured or held by them in trust for which the insured as legally responsible.

Villa Insurance Allianz Extention Clause & Cover

  • All Other Contents (IDR 5,000,000.00)
  • Alterations Clause (30 days)
  • Appraisement Clause (5% of TSI, Max Limit IDR 50,000,000.00)
  • Architects, Surveyors and etc Clause (5% of TSI)
  • Average Relief Clause (85%)
  • Awnings, Blinds, Signs, etc Clause (IDR 10,000,000.00)
  • Capital Addition (10% of SI)
  • Civil Authorities Clause
  • Designation Clause
  • Fire Brigades Charges Clause (max limit IDR 15,000,000.00)
  • Fire Extinguishing Cost Clause (max limit IDR 10,000,000.00)
  • General Interest Clause
  • Impact by Own Vehicle Clause
  • Internal Removal Clause
  • Loss Notification Clause (14 days)
  • Minor Alterations and Repairs Clause
  • Misdescription Clause
  • Out Building Clause
  • Payment on Account Clause
  • Public Authorities Clause
  • Reinstatement Value Clause
  • Removal of Debris (5% of TSI)
  • Services Clause
  • Workmen’s Clause
  • Cyber Risks Exclusion Clause
  • War & Terrorism exclusion NMA 2920

For more info and get a quotation please fill the quote form here : Villa Insurance Quote Allianz Comprehensive 

and also you can watching our promotion movie at our youtube chanel here : Allianz Bali Villa & House Insurance


  1. David says:

    Need quote for Public Liability Policy including levels of cover.
    Villa has 5 rooms, 5 staff.
    I want cover for guests and staff.

  2. Shelley Voigt says:

    I am thinking of buying a condo in Bali, new to be complete Jan 2019. Its a studio 20 years lease. Costing $63000. it is in a 4 level complex. Can you give me an approximate cost per year…

  3. Jani says:

    mohon informasi untuk asuransi rumah di daerah jimbaran
    bisa tolong hubungi saya – Bu Jani
    via email address dibawah ini
    Terima kasih

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